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Hospice & Palliative Care Day Program

Thrown off Balance

“Is this a joke?” “This can’t be true!”

Was this the impact on you when you received your diagnosis of a life-limiting illness? Was your sense of reality turned upside down? Do you feel alone in your emotions? Have you lost hope? Who can relate to your experience?

Let us help you find answers to the many questions and thoughts you are experiencing.

Group support can provide a place for shared expression of thoughts, feelings, and emotions without concern of offending or creating further anxiety for family and close friends. Group sharing allows for safe expression of common fears, and doubts.

The Shuswap Hospice Society is offering a New Day program to inform you of the valuable information and services available to support you. This program began in January 2017 with weekly sessions providing education, coping tools and companionship towards reducing stress during a confusing time.    

Give us a call for additional information or to register.

250-832-7099 or email programs@shuswaphospice.ca